Current Weekly Bullet Journal Setup

By far the best thing about having a bullet journal is that I can change how I organise my day, week, or month as it goes. As someone who could never stick to a pre-made planner, making the transition felt like the right move to suit my personal approach to planning

Instead of using daily spreads I prefer to use weekly spreads as I find they let me organise my thoughts & workload the best. I have in the past used daily pages to track workload, however, in my current position, I found that this did not work very well. I’ve now moved to this broad overview spread to help to keep me organised. In this current spread, all I tend to include is reminders, meetings and events. I’ve also liked using the weekly spreads to motivate myself to achieve my personal goals. (i.e cut spending and working out)

I changed to this style of weekly spread last week. I really liked the minimalist theme that also gives me plenty of room to plan & incorporate quotes and comments on the week.

Tools I use:
  • Leuchtturm1917 A5 dotted journal
  • For headings, I use the Pilot Fineliner in Black
  • For everyday use and to fill in my bullet journal I use a Uni-Ball ballpoint pen

I got inspiration for this spread from Life by Whitney’s post.

What type of planner do you use? Have you tried bullet journalling before?

Until next time…


Curious Eh? Well here’s the run down. Tulips and Tequila (formerly known as OhhKaye) is a beauty, lifestyle and everything in between blog, pretty much anything I think is worth sharing with the world.

The name came from two of my favourite things. My love for tulips started at a young age when I visited a national flower show called Floriade. With the amazing array of florals that were on display the only flowers that stole my attention were the yellow tulips, and even though I live in one of the weirdest climates in the world, my family and friends still seem to be able to surprise me with a few every year on my birthday. Now tequila. Some people love it, hate it or even love it hate it. I simply love it. It never was my drink of choice when I was a little younger but now that I can indulge in some decent (100% agave) tequila, I think it is simply the best way to unwind after a long week.

The other loves of my life include my boyfriend of 3 years, Alex. We recently have hit a few life milestones with each other including buying our first home, going on our first international holiday together and adopting our gorgeous, yet vivacious puppy Checkers. Our life has drastically changed in these last couple of months and I’ve found myself wanting to find a creative outlet to brain dump my miscellaneous thoughts or the ones that Alex doesn’t really want me to ramble on about. I mean he can only listen to me talk about how important eye shadow blending is, right? Hence, the birth of Tulips & Tequila.

I’m also a massive fan of pop culture, film & television and you’ll most likely find me binge watching tv shows on Netflix in my spare time. I’ve always had a passion for the weird and wonderful on and off-screen and I love finding and sharing all the things that make me laugh, cry or even yell at the tv.

Look forward to reading my ramblings about this, that and whatever and I hope that if you made it to the end of the post, I’ll see you at the next one.


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