While preparing to write this post, I was thinking whether turning twenty-two is worth writing about. Considering the most valued birthday celebrations have already passed me by.

But you know what, every year is important and the lessons I’ve learnt and the experiences that are moulding me as I grow are every bit as important as the year that preceded.

Being twenty-one has been an adventure, I have made some memories that I will hold dear for years to come. I partied, traveled, bought a house & got engaged! What a year!

Now I feel there is some pressure to keep this momentum going, like what is going to happen next? What big life change am I going to dive into before I turn 23?

I’m not sure where this sense of pressure comes from, perhaps my own drive to make everything ‘perfect’. It may also be my competitive nature to always one up myself.

Instead of diving forward I really want to focus on the life I have built and find calm in the joys that surround me and push out the negatives. As difficult as this may be, with all the crazy, I need to force myself to take a breath.

I’m unsure whether I’m articulating this well enough, but the general gist is that my experiences as a young adult have been fuelled by a need to one-up a younger version of myself, whilst not a bad form of motivation, results in pressure to continue doing so.

I do wonder what the next year will bring me but I hope I can take time to take in and cherish the wonder around me.

Until next time