Month: March 2017

Priceline Cosmetics Haul

Don’t know whether it was luck or the world trying to give me some silver lining, but this week the bi-annual Priceline 40% Cosmetics sale fell on my pay day!

Now as you may now, I just bought a house so I didn’t go crazy but this was a good excuse to try out new products and have more of the essentials in my collection. e.g. foundation, because I was literally scrapping the bottle to get ready for work.

So here’s what I bought (left to right):

  1. L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Naomi’s Delicate Rose
  2. Australis Don’t Sweat it Water Resistant Foundation in Beige
  3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in 115 Ivory
  4. NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Tea & Cookies
  5. NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Fair
  6. NYX Wonder Pencil in Light
    (left to right) NYX Wonder Pencil in Light – L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Naomi’s Delicate Rose – NYX Liquid Suede in Tea & Cookies

I’ve only had these products for a few days, but I have tried them all out at least once so I can note some first impressions, however, I have a feeling my thoughts on these products may change the more that I use them.

With regards to the Fit Me foundation, even though I got it in the Matte + Poreless formula, I still found myself pouring out the oil by midday, which was way more than normal and I even used a primer and set with translucent powder. I’m going to keep trying this one out and find if there’s a way for it to work for me.

Thus far, I’m blown away with the Australis Don’t Sweat It foundation since I didn’t expect it to actually last all day and stay matte (for the most part!) and the coverage is also quite impressive.

Not much to say about the NYX products other than I’ve had my eye on the Tea & Cookies cream lipstick for a while now and I’m really glad that it’s part of my collection. The color is gorgeous and it lasts well but not as long as I would expect for a liquid lipstick. The wonder pencil has heaps of uses but I’ve only used it for a waterline highlight and it sure does brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake which is a flippin’ blessing for someone like me. Unfortunately, there were no testers for the NYX concealer so I just picked the second lightest shade out of habit with other brands and foundation shades but it ended up being too light. However, there are still heaps of uses for a concealer that’s too light, like carving out eyebrows and fixing eyeliner & lipstick mistakes.

I’m really liking the L’Oreal lipstick because I don’t actually own a sheer lipstick and I think the color of this one is stunning and simply perfect for work.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the products I got and will endeavor to do a more in-depth review on these once I’ve taken them all for a ride.

What do you get in this week’s sale?

Until next time,


Sunday Update

Now I had planned on setting aside some time this weekend to write a more interesting post, but unfortunately, life is life and gets in the way.

To bring you up to speed, I was recently told that I have a severe iron deficiency and the results of this deficiency can make me more fatigued than I ever thought possible. For the last month, my doctor has had me on supplements, but this week hit hard. I was using all of my forcible energy to stay awake and it became painful to be awake. I liken the feeling to when you wake up in the middle of the night and start walking and your mind is waking up but your body is still asleep. I started to worry that I would fall or trip while working and thus, headed back to the doctors.

Since I work full time and have quite a lengthy commute, and not to mention the fact that I pretty much collapse when I come home, my weekends are my prime time to get anything done. This meant expending all of my limited energy as it was to going to doctors and even the hospital! eek! I’m fine, just exhausted. I left the hospital pretty quickly and met this fantastic nurse who gave me some great advice.

Hopefully, my iron levels will sort themselves out soon, because boy would I like to actually feel like a 21 year old!

This post is probably sounding like the longest excuse for a lack of a good read, but I don’t think I would’ve been capable of publishing anything more worthwhile whilst being this fatigued. I hope you forgive me.

Until next time,




The Circle by Dave Eggers – Review

There are people who read a lot, there are people who don’t read at all unless they are required to and then there’s me (and probably a few others like me) who like to always have a book to read, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. I don’t spend every free moment reading a book but I do take advantage of the free time I have available. Since starting my new job about a month ago my reading volume has significantly increased because I now ride the train for two hours daily, which means a lot of dedicated reading time. I recently finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers, which I started reading for two reasons, I enjoy modern science fictions books where most elements feel modern day, however, there are a few that bring to light technology that is the creation of pure imagination. Secondly, because this book is being turned into a movie starring goddess Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, later this year and I prefer to read the book before watching the movie adaption where I can.

I will split this review into a general overview and SPOILERS sections so that those who want to read the book/watch the movie can still do so without the plot and ending being ruined.


The Circle by Dave Eggers follows Mae Holland who just landed a job at the biggest company on the planet, thanks to her best friend Annie. The Circle is an international company which draws parallels with Google due to its massive integration with everyday actions and business transactions and they have recently transformed the ways of e-commerce and social media to promote a more transparent way of living for businesses and consumers alike. Mae is more than thrilled to have left her small town utility job to work within this global machine. Due to their outnumbered sources of income, the physical premises includes everything you could think of for a small community and more and is completely free-of-charge for their employees. The Circle promotes transparency and connectivity amongst peers and colleagues and encourages employees to take advantage all that the campus (workplace) has to offer.

Mae herself isn’t a very dense character and in my opinion is more of a figurehead to showcase the wonders and ideas behind the Circle’s innovations to readers, since even though the book is about how the technology interferes with Mae’s life, family & friends, there is more of a strong focus on how the inventions actually impact everyday people, so that it easier to picture yourself and how you would interact and respond to them. Mae’s family consists of her mother and father and they are struggling quite a lot due to her father’s recent MS diagnosis. Her mother is constantly battling with health care providers to ensure her father’s safety and health, but is often most shafted by the system. Another major character is Mae’s ex-boyfriend, Mercer, who is a down to earth guy who treasures those he loves and doesn’t see the value in a lot of the technology that the Circle is introducing into society.

Now I can go into detail about every innovation they introduce in the book but that is part of the adventure of reading this one yourself. The general gist is that there are A LOT of them and they are the driving force within the book’s plot. The more that are released the more you question whether or not they are actually beneficial to society and whether or not they are completely tossing personal privacy out the window.


Starting out in this book is surreal, you are diving face first into the future of humanity and into this utopia that from my marketing degree background, gets me thinking of an equilibrium between businesses and individuals. BUT. IT. GOES. TOO. FAR. I think this is the point and I know that by about two-thirds in I was feeling very uncomfortable about actually liking this utopia. Privacy goes out the window. The safety of nations goes out the window. Mental health for students is disregarded. And a capitalist monopoly is born.

All the while shits starts to be revealed that maybe all this transparency is bad, Mae has no freaking clue and is just accepting every damn thing that the Circle releases, even when the health, wellbeing, and safety of her loved ones is compromised. She pretty much cuts ties with her family and disregards the well-being of her best friend. She denies the wishes of her ex-boyfriend and attempts to coerce him into being like her and adopting the life that the Circle promotes.

I will refrain myself from rambling on because there were a lot of elements that got a rise out of me while reading but I know that everyone will have a different stance on privacy, social media and the idea that transparency is good if you have nothing to hide.

What are your thoughts, do you think transparency is good for those who have nothing to hide or do you believe that whilst it is good to share with others online, choice and privacy are huge concerns that matter to the everyday individual?

Let me know in the comments down below.

P.S. I can’t wait to see the movie and kind of hope they change the ending.

Until next time,

First Impressions & Review: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish – Mauve-olous – 244

For all the ladies (and gents) out there who love having their nails painted but hate smudges, chipping, that dreaded cleanup and the time it normally takes for the polish and top coat to dry, I’m sure you get how frustrating it can be if your beautifully painted nails only last a day or two. This always seems to be the case with me, so I endeavour to find methods that won’t kill my nails and will also ensure that the polish stays put for a decent amount of time.

Now, I’ve tried nearly every type of salon nails; polish, acrylic, gel & SNS, and I absolutely love SNS the most by far. I’ll do a review on why I prefer this salon method the most, but the general gist is that it lasts forever!!!

So Kaitlyn, why aren’t you just sticking to SNS?

Well, if you read my last post, you’ll know I just bought my first home! Yay! Woot Woot!

The biggest let down to this huge life milestone is having to cut a lot of luxury services and products off my budget, so getting my nails done once a fortnight (or even every three weeks) just won’t work right now. Maybe later down the track when my life and finances are all sorted and organized, I can get back into the habit. (jk, that’ll never happen, right?)

So I’m back to painting and maintaining my own nails. Sigh.

I’ve tried the Sally Hansen miracle gel polishes before and remember liking it and since I had a gift card that was set to expire for Priceline, I decided that today was better a day than any to feel like a put together millennial woman and have painted nails. I love soft pink polishes, they tend to be my go-to colour, alongside violets and other light purples so naturally, this shade jumped off the shelf and into my basket.

I’m going to detail my first impression as well as a review after a few days of wear so that you have a decent understanding of how lasting this polish is.

First Impression:

To be honest, I haven’t painted my own nails in what seems like forever, what with buying a house, Christmas, changing jobs and also travelling overseas, who has time to paint their nails?!? In the time between the last time I painted my nails and today (Sunday 26th Feb) my only bottle of base coat had gone bad 🙁 So luckily the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel claims to work without one. Yay! For the top coat, I used Seche Vite and although this stuff smells like you’re dying your hair in the 00’s while freshly painting an unventilated room, it does the jobs and dries super quickly.

I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen’s wide brush, it normally means I can paint a coat of nail polish with one movement, even on my thumbnail.

The colour looked good even with just one coat but needed two to deepen and intensify the shade. Now there is a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat that compliments the range and gives that gel gloss, but because I’m impatient, I used the Seche Vite which does give a shine but I doubt is as glossy as the Sally Hansen one, which I haven’t tried.

For both hands including drying time, the application took me approximately 30 mins. I could have been a little quicker but I was watching This is Us while doing them and started tearing up, which may have resulted in the process taking a little longer.

Now a couple hours later, I have no smudges or chips, but I’ll follow this up in a couple of days and see how it wears.

…A couple days later (Thursday 2nd March)

Woah, time flies. Well, I have to say I’m impressed but not swept off my feet. The polish has lasted really well considering my usual track record and I didn’t see the first chip until Tuesday, which is a record for myself.

As you can see in the pics, the chips are only on my right hand (the dominant one) and my left hand (the lazy one) is still in pretty good nick.

With such good colour payoff and an impressive lasting power, I can definitely say I will purchase more colours in the line and will endeavour to keep my nails painted for the foreseeable future, but we’ll see how long that will last.

Would love to hear some feedback! Comment below with your nail hacks for making them last longer, or let me know if you’ve tried these polishes before and can recommend a new shade.

Until next time,